At Sun Valley Resort we have a wide range of seasonal, part-time and full-time employment positions across our mountain, retail, food & beverage, recreation and administrative locations.

Please take a look at the positions listed below to see which of our teams are hiring and the skills they are seeking. We update our list on a daily basis but if you are having trouble deciding which position to apply to, feel free to fill out our General Application.

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After you Apply+
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We look forward to receiving your application and hope that you can join our team in this beautiful year-round mountain location! ​So you too can take advantage of our benefits and numerous winter and summer recreation opportunities!


    Group Medical/Life Coverage: Eligibility requires employee works full-time (at least 30 hours/wk) continuously for 60 days and then becomes eligible on the first day of the next month. After 60 days of full time employment, employees only have 31 days to apply for Group Medical/Life Coverage.

    Flex-Spending Plan: Eligible at same time employee becomes eligible for Group Medical/Life coverage and during annual Open Enrollment.

    Dental Coverage: Eligible at same time employee becomes eligible for Group Medical/Life coverage.

    Vision Coverage: Eligible at same time employee becomes eligible for Group Medical/Life coverage.

    Long Term Disability Insurance: Eligible after 60 days of continuous active full time employment. This is a onetime offer and will not be available during open enrollments.

    Sick Time: Eligibility requires employee to work full time (32 hours/wk average) year roound. After six months of continuous full-time employment employees accrue 40 hours of sick time. At your first year you will receive and additional 40 hours and then you will receive 80 hours on each anniversary date from then on. Sick time is capped at 120 hours.

    Vacation Time: After one year of continuous full-time employment employees accrue 40 hours of vacation time, after two years 80 hours, after five years 120 hours and 160 hours after 15 years. Your vacation caps at 160 hours.

    Capital Accumulation: Eligible after 60 days of continuous employment. Match will only be met when 1,000 hours a year has been acquired.

    Uniforms: Two uniforms will be issued for some jobs. Laundering is provided free to employees.


    Summer Benefits/Discounts 
    (Full -Time Employees only)
    • Free Ice Skating-General Sessions (Full price skate rentals). Call for general admission sessions
    • Discounted group golf clinics
    • Unlimited use of the Golf Driving Range, Putting Course & loaner clubs
    • Free access to Olympic Pool - limited hours
    • Free daily access to Bald Mountain lifts
    • Discounted rates for Ice Shows - as determined by the Recreation Department
    • Discounted Tennis Court rentals, racquet rentals are $5.00 (based on availability, this also includes dependents)
    • Access to "The Place," employee cafeteria (employees only)
    • 20% Discounts at select Sun Valley Restaurants (exclusions: alcohol, bar food, gratuity, and mountain restaurants)



    • 50% off for all full time employees and their dependants.
    • Discount prices only available 3 days prior to event and subject to ticket availability.
    • Full time employees and their valid dependants under 19 are eligible for one ticket with a valid ID; however, purchases must be made by the employee. Purchases will be made at the Recreation Office.
    • Full time employees with no eligible dependants may purchase one ticket at the discounted prices in addition to their own ticket.

    This is a partial listing and description of enrollment-eligibility information. For additional information, please contact the Human Resources department at (208) 622-2061, (800) 894-9946 or

    Grooming Standards

    Sun Valley's commitment to quality and excellence is translated through its employees. Your dress and personal appearance is important to the image we present to our guests.

    Male Employees
    Hair must be clean and tapered at or above the collar line of a standard dress shirt. Hair should not cover the bottom half of the ear, and shoulder length is not permitted. Inappropriate examples include unnatural color and/or disproportionate cut. No beards or goatees will be worn; men must be clean-shaven every day. Sideburns should not extend below the earlobe. Moustaches are acceptable if trimmed and neat. Earrings or any body piercing are not to be worn while on duty.

    Female Employees
    Hair styles must be clean and not interfere with job duties. Inappropriate examples include unnatural color and/or disproportionate cut. Earrings and jewelry must be modest and not interfere with job duties. Earrings are allowed in ear lobes ONLY (no nose piercing, etc.). Cosmetics should be consistent with a natural appearance.
    NOTE: Employees who handle food must wear hair pulled back and up.

    Tennis shoes are not permitted in high-profile areas (i.e., restaurants, bars, front desk, bell service, concierge, etc.) or as determined by department management. Some departments require certain shoes for safety reasons.

    Personal Hygiene
    Employees are expected to be neat and clean at all times. This includes clean fingernails, teeth, and daily bathing.

    Work Environment
    Employees are required to keep a clean and orderly work environment. Before departure each day, employees are expected to clean their personal or assigned work areas.

    Uniformed Employees
    Many employees are required to wear Company-issued uniforms which should be kept clean and changed daily. These are cleaned or laundered at no cost to employees.
    Name tags are part of the uniform and dress code, and are to be worn at all times.

    Important Employment Information

    Drug Testing: Includes pre-employment and random.

    Grooming and Conduct Standard: Call to request a copy of employment information or download info packet

    Wages (Entry-level): Most positions begin above minimum wage.

    Work Hours: Schedule may fall on any day during the week including holidays. Some seasonal recreational positions qualify for overtime exception (allowing employees to work 56 hours per week at regular wage).

    Jobs: Many jobs are physically demanding and may require lifting, bending, standing and kneeling.

    Application Forms

    The Sun Valley Company requires you to complete a company application in order to be considered for employment. Resumes will only be accepted to compliment a company application. 

    Application tip:

    Please be sure to include the dates you are available to work, and be sure to list all (you may list up to three) positions that you are applying for. Please note that the seasonal positions usually require a commitment through summer or winter (June 15-September 15 and December-April) to be considered.

    Application Process:

    All applications are received and reviewed by HR. Applications meeting the necessary qualifications will be forwarded along to the hiring managers. Over the phone or face to face interviews will be conducted if applicant meets all qualifications and/or if the job is still available. If applicant is hired for position, dorm housing and work schedule will be discussed with manager. If applicant is not hired, the applicant's application will be routed back to the HR department where the application will be held for up to 3 months.

    Human Resources will begin to process winter applications on August 1st. 

    Downloadable Information Packet for Employees

    Applicant Employment Info (.pdf)
    New Employee Orientation (.pdf)
    Dorm Bed Request (.doc)(.pdf)
    Housing Agreement (.doc)(.pdf)
    Employee Guidebook - eBook

    The Company offers dormitory accommodation for full time employees.

    Sun Valley Resort has the ability to provide 325 bed spaces on property as an option for year round or seasonal full time employees. Our main dorm units will consist of doubles, and triples dorm rooms. Our facilities also have a limited amount of couple dorm rooms upon request and availability. Dorm rooms are small, designed primarily for sleeping and storing a limited amount of personal items. Most rooms have two or three beds per dorm room, a few dresser drawers, small closets for each person, sink with a medicine cabinet and a shared bathroom/shower area per floor.

    Housing Check-in

    Housing check in is available Monday – Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm at the H.R. office building. If you must check in during closed hours or weekends, please make sure you e-mail or call the Housing Department. Alternative housing arrangement must be made 3 days prior to your arrival date. You are allowed to check in two days prior to your starting date. (208) 622-2986 office or e-mail

    Housing Requests

    Requests for your specific housing needs may be done on line .
    You are welcome to fill in the blanks for your choice of roommates; however employee housing accommodations are first come first served. We will try to place you with your choice of roommates upon arrival. If you do not have any choices listed I will try to place you with somebody who is in the same age bracket as you are.

    Dorm Bed Request (.doc)(.pdf)
    Housing Agreement (.doc)(.pdf)

    Housing Amenities

    Our housing provides you with towels, washcloths, blankets, pillow/pillowcase, and sheets. We also provide an employee cafeteria for those who live on property with a low fee for your meals. Your dorm rooms have twin beds free Wi-Fi, Cable Connection, and phone lines. We also provide you with free laundry facilities and gym room. Some buildings have a communal television rooms if you do not have one to bring.
    You are welcome to bring a small fridge, small microwave, small TV, and a clock. There is no cooking allowed in the dorm rooms. Please remember these rooms are small.

    Other Housing Options

    The dorms are on a first-come first-serve basis. Many employees locate their own accommodations through our local newspaper The Idaho Mountain Express.

    This is a partial listing and description of enrollment-eligibility information. For additional information, please contact the Human Resources department at (208) 622-2061, (800) 894-9946 or


    For additional information, please contact the Human Resources Department.

    (800) 894-9946

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